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piano CD, November 2015

12 pieces from the renaissance

I was a violiniste and as a child I learned myself to play the piano. I like to share my love for music with others.

I see music, light and love
as a healing power, that I want to explore
and develop furthermore.

I developed a music method with coloured notes. My sister Jeannette draws the music with coloured pencil, see the booklet of this CD. You can see more music at our website and you can also order (page in Dutch) it.

I teached myself and my three housemates Marthe, Erik and my sister Jeannette to play viola da gamba (viol) and lute. We also singen 4-part a capella.
foto, Leonoor's piano CD from November 2015, with photo from 
robin by Leonoor
photo: Leonoor
On this CD Leonoor plays twice as slow like on the previous CD, by which a beautiful stillnes arises.

With the music on this CD from the renaissance (1400-1600) it worked out to find classical music that sounds beautiful and also can be played by beginners. The music, originally written for harpsichord, virginal or renaissance harp, appears to sound beautiful on the piano as well.

I have my eyes closed to be able to be engaged with feeling, listening, rest and concentration. I try to 'sing' on the piano.

I play in lotus position, soft and meditative. My fingers feel as 10 legs, which move smoothly over the piano. When I suddenly remember that by doing steps backwards as a child of 4/5 years old during ballet class I become aware of the space behind me, I get two inspirations:

- When the same note gets played twice,
I play the second note with another finger.

- Every heavy accent of a measure, the 1st (and 3rd) beat, I play with
odd fingers, the thumb (1), middle finger (3) and little finger (5).

A new world opens up (again). I see parallels with the down-bow (heavy accent of a measure) on the violin and the thumb (heavy accent of a measure) on the lute. Like this you make the accent, articulation and sentence structure in music.

We met the robin after a walk
with our neighbour across the way (her deceased husband?).
I made the photo myself and enlarged it.

When listening I wish you rest, silence and
beautiful inspirations, with love Leonoor

foto van de piano
1. Go from my window
2. Air populaire Italien
3. Bransle de Champaigne
4. Gavotte
5. Ballo
6. Bransle double
7. Bransle de village
8. Danslied
9. Canario
10. Mit Lieb bin ich umfangen
11. Die mei plaisant
12. Dowland's Almaine
anonymous (16th century)
naar Diego Ortiz (1553)
Claude Gervaise (16th century)
Pierre F. Caroubel (? - 1611)
Phalèse (1583)
Michael Praetorius (1571-1621)
Michael Praetorius
Valentin Hausmann (1560-1614)
anonymous (16th century)
anonymous (16th century)
anonymous (16th century)
John Dowland (1563-1626)

Leonoor plays on the piano her mother bought 40 years ago from the handicraft lessons she gave at primary school. She made the piano painted soft green. People often do not see it, because it appears to look so natural.

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