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music lessons

photo, Leonoor and two children with the descant (treble) viola da gamba, 11 November 2014
babies and toddlers

photo Serena on the bass viola da gamba and Janne on the descant (soprano) viola da gamba

photo, sir Oostrom plucks the lute, Leonoor helps
elderly people

music basics

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I (Leonoor) started to play the violin when I was 11 years old, I went to the conservatory in Amsterdam and learned to play the piano. I have been teaching violin to children and adults since I was 18 years old, from which I learned a lot. After the conservatory, I studied for 6 years and played the most difficult virtuoso violin music. After I got a burn out from everything I went through in my life and had not been able to talk about it, I stopped giving violin lessons at the music school in Tiel. I only had 20 minutes time for each pupil, but I always gave lessons that lasted longer, at home I gave lessons from an hour and a half. In the very lonely period that followed, I started to look for answers to all the questions I had. I started to search deeply in myself for answers and went through a consciousness process. I sought help from three hapto therapists and on the advice of the third one did not see my mother for 4 years. Fortunately, against the advice of the therapist, I recovered the contact. I received so much love in return that my life completely changed from fear to love. I held her feet and sang for her when she was in bed so she could fall asleep, see Janneke .

I did not play the violin for 4 years and then I started making improvisations, also for people individually. In the meantime I don't play the violin anymore. In 2007 I taught myself to play the lute and the viola da gamba, two
instruments from the Renaissance. I started practising every day for half an hour, while my housemates listened. That helped me to play as beautifully and quietly as possible. The lute is the most refined and gentle instrument in classical music. I was able to take the violin technique with me to the lute and the viola da gamba (gamba is Italian for leg). The viola da gamba is a bowed instrument that you play while sitting, it is a predecessor of the violin and the violoncello. I play the lute and the viola da gamba on gut strings (from goats and sheep), like it was the practice in the renaissance. Most people play on synthetic strings, but that doesn't feel or sound nice to me. The lutenist, who likes to play the lute himself, tried to persuade me, but my feeling and desire to stay with naturalness only got stronger.

I also taught my three housemates, Marthe, my sister Jeannette and Erik, when they came to live in my house in 2006, how to play the lute and viola da gamba and we played together as a musical quartet. For two years we practised 7 days a week for 8 hours a day, a personal music education. We sang 4-part a cappella, also music I composed myself, see the page singing.

I taught
children to play the lute and the viola da gamba and play together on our selfmade bamboo flutes of one tone, see videos bamboo flute. I taught the children to read notes with the music method I developed with coloured notes, which my sister Jeannette drew very beautifully. Children (and adults) learned the basics of music in such a way that they really understood it. I taught the children to play by heart, so they could pay attention to the music, the sound and listen to each other, see music videos music lessons children.

When you see teaching as a conversation and conversation as a teaching, you no longer need school.
Then daily life and life experiences are your learning and consciousness.

The song 'Op de rebec spelen vind ik leuk' (I like to play on the rebec) that I play on the lute, April 3, 2017, I made together with Fenna, a girl I taught music to at home together with two girls from her class. The song has been viewed almost 8,000 times (July 2021). After Jeannette passed away in 2017 and Erik moved away in 2019 we sold all the instruments. I put to music 7 affirmations about love, light and awareness in 2014, which we sing together every day 2-part after having meditated.

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