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Contact & muziek wants quiet and green surroundings and living space to be able to let more people experience how you can really meet each other, learn to cooperate and work on rest and being meaningful, see living project.

photo beautiful community house, aardehuizen Olst, tour 21 August 2016

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photo green roof and solar panels 25 June 2019
green roof with solar panels, east west formation

We have 12 + 6 new solar panels since August 2015 and November 2018, in east west formation, low, so very little worries about wind. The power optimizers are also new, so that with shade on one of the panels, the others still give a good profit. It looks very beautiful, we find. The new solar panels generate 3 times as much as the former 6 solar panels, high panels facing the south, which we bought in 2010. We could sell the old solar panels via Marktplaats.

A link to more photos of the green roof and the solar panels on the
facebook page of our living group.

We also have a green roof, that captures fine particles from the air, gives our solar panels a higher production and looks nice. It works isolating, in the summer it is cooler in the house, in the winter it is warmer on the highest floor. The green roof retains rainwater, by which there is less load on the sewer system with heavy rains.

Once a year we participated in
Nationale Duurzame Huizen Route (National Sustainable House Route). People can visit us to see our solar panels, the green roof and people can listen to our music.
photo, front of the house

photo air-heat pump in our kitchen, 11 May 2020
The unit of the air source heat pump on the roof of the kitchen takes in air from outside. Using electricity, a compressor in the kitchen compresses the air. The energy which is released is being used to heat the water, that is stored in the green-yellow-red coloured hot water cylinder, for the (floor) heating of the house and tap water.
photo outside unit air-heat pump on the roof of the kitchen, 11 May 2020

Our house became energy neutral. With a big investment in a heat pump and solar panels in east west postion, which generate 3 times as much as the former solar panels, we don't need gas anymore.

We bought the new kitchen counter for € 100 via Marktplaats. We put legs under it and
red doors we bought at Ikea. We also have a green roof and a vitaliser which brings the water to its original state again with vibrations at the entrance.

Besides that we are also engaged with biological clothes. We buy more and more organic clothes from eco-friendly materials, like hemp, biological cotton, wool and silk.

When we have things we don't use anymore, we find it important that they can be recycled. A very nice and social website is

recycling symbol of website 'gratis op te halen', online offer of free things to pick up

more links about sustainability

logo Waeschbar, ecological online shop with clothes and household items

we order biological clothes here

picture Vandebron, energy supplier

Vandebron, our energy supplier, wants that it is possible to buy your energy directly from the source of the energy.

logo ecovillages network network of communities and individuals
who look for a sustainable life style

logo Omslag, Werkplaats voor Duurzame Ontwikkeling in Eindhoven

page of Omslag in Eindhoven about ecological residential districts and projects

logo MyWheels

share cars, renting from people in your own neighbourhood via MyWheels

logo Consuminderhuis Parkstad in Landgraaf, Limburg

Consuminderhuis Parkstad in Landgraaf, Limburg
wants to learn people who have problems with money to get on with little money and make a special lifestyle of it .

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rond logo 'Contact en muziek' met vlinder met aan de rand rondom de woorden van onderwerpen waar wij mee bezig zijn 'zingeving, openheid, praten, samenwerken, meditatie, zang, licht(e) voeding, bloemen, vlinders, natuur, kleur, zelf-genezen(d) (ver)mogen', 18 september 2021