living on light
(eating less food)
gele ganzebloem, Sint Jacobskruiskruid, kaasjeskruid, septemberkruid, witte duizendschoon, 22 juni 2021
gele ganzebloem, Sint Jacobskruiskruid, kaasjeskruid, septemberkruid, witte duizendschoon, 22 juni 2021
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living on light
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In Dutch 'meditating' has the same letters as 'eat less' ('Mediteren' heeft dezelfde letters als 'eet minder').
Leonoor and Marthe meditate every day. After 2 years of eating raw food, in May 2014, after an 8-day process with Akahi and Camila via Skype in which we did not eat or drink for three days, we continued to eat less. We are experiencing that food is more of an addiction than we thought. Just as we are becoming aware that oil and nuclear power are no longer needed when you can use solar and wind power, so instead of food, light, air and love are proving to be a new source of nourishment. You don't die if you don't eat is a huge discovery .

It is not a must, feel free to try it, don't eat more than you like and you will experience much more peace.

28 April 2020
poem 'Mediteren kun je leren' (You can learn to meditate) April 2020, page 1
Mediteren kun je leren (You can learn to meditate)
poem from Leonoor
Meditating has the same letters as 'eat less'. (in Dutch: 'Mediteren' heeft dezelfde letters als 'eet minder'. We eat and drink only in the evening and less and less. We are detoxing, we feel lighter and better.

It is not a must,
feel free to try it,
don't eat more than you like
and you will experience much more peace.
picture 'It is not a must, feel free to try it, don't eat more than you like and you will experience much more peace.' June 2021

A nice documentary In the beginning there was light about people around the world who are engaged with who are living on light. Some of them have been living without food or drink for years. Doctors are surprised how healthy their bodies and their aura is. If you are interested we could send you the documentary by mail. picture, documentary about living on light 'In the beginning there was light

It is an inspiring process to find out what food means physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially. After daily meditation we sing together meditatively, slowly, also own texts on existing songs and self-composed music, 2-part and alone. We only eat vegan (plant-based) and organic food in the evenings. We drink juices from the blender, which we make ourselves. We want to make the process of eating less as natural as possible and eat what we want and what we need. There seems to be a big difference in what you need (actually nothing) and what you feel like, and we are working on making that difference smaller and smaller. It's nice to experience that what we used to think of as eating little, we now think of as eating a lot. The less you eat, the less need you have for food and on the other hand, eating evokes the need to eat. If you let go of that and focus on other things, the thought of wanting to eat will also disappear. It's a beautiful process, which because we want to do it in our own way, takes much longer than we thought it would, but it's deeply lived and that's what we find very important.

negative publicity
For the people who want to know, this is shortly our story.

After the death of Leonoor's sister and housemate Jeannette 8 June 2017, we were held in a police cell for two nights on suspicion of negligent death. The negative reporting in the (social) media did a lot of damage. It was claimed that Jeannette had died because we stopped eating and that we (with four people.) were a cult. Leonoor and Marthe continued together in 2019, after the other housemate moved out.

To be clear:
Before Jeannette's death, the four of us never did not eat one day! We have suffered for a long time from negative reactions from people everywhere, in the neighbourhood, on the street, but also our families. The contacts with our family, which were already difficult, have never been restored. In 2 years we needed 7 lawyers to get well through it.

In April 2020, a novel about us was published, 'We are light', in which the author abused the negative image of us and put us in a negative light again. She really sought publicity, which stirred up the negativity again. The writer never spoke to us or saw us and rejected our proposal to have contact. We find it shocking that in the name of fiction, everything should be possible and that the writer also says in interviews that she stayed close to reality. The book has nothing to do with our lives. The fact that right at the start of the book she made such a mockery of the death and body of Leonoor's sister is not humane in our opinion. The author is complimented for being good literature, while it hurts, we feel, it is about our lives. How would someone else feel if somebody wrote like that about herself, her sister or her mother and the body of your sister or housemate? That is why we do not read novels, because they are not true stories.

From 2000 onwards, after a difficult life for 17 years, Leonoor helped her sister Jeannette day and night to break out of a negative pattern and also took part in the new contact she built up with her mother. Her mother was laughed at in the family for her ideas about healthy food, nature, standing up for flowers in the street when they were sprayed away by the municipality and her talking about nettles and fair wood. When Leonoor started giving love to her mother, her whole life changed.

Jeannette has been very grateful that Leonoor showed that she has a very sweet mother and died 2 months after her mother was left behind in a nursing home, after holding her mother's hand. As if she had come home to her mother, after a difficult life she had had the peace to pass away. She died while Leonoor was holding her hand.

- our reaction to the nomination of the novel about us

30 March 2021
dealing with negative publicity (Dutch)

- our reaction and relief that the novel did not win the prize
23 May 2021
Pentecost (Dutch)

The story and poem after the death of Leonoor's sister Jeannette.

- the story
Jeannette's death

- poem one year after the death of Leonoor's sister (2017)
poem 'dear Jeannette' 15 July 2018

A year earlier in 2016, Leonoor's brother Jan also died 'unexpectedly' due to tension. But we may trust that everyone is born and dies on her or his time.
The strange death of Leonoor's brother
Jan's death

Leonoor's mother was not demented, but weakened by the medication. We find that the worst thing about the book is that the writer, who claims to have followed us for 2 years on the website and on Facebook, but nevertheless writes that my mother is demented, very rude. On the page Janneke there are three touching but very beautiful videos,her poems and something about our story of how the tensions of the pharmaceutical industry are affecting the 100 pills (! ) per week that Leonoor's mother Janneke is more or less forced to take and has driven our family apart even further. Janneke did want to stop, sometimes spitting out the pills, but Leonoor's father and the nursing staff waited in silence (psychological pressure) until she swallowed them anyway. In a different, free and loving environment she would have stopped a long time ago, but everyone, including Leonoor's mother needs support, the pharmaceutical industry is too powerful to stand up to it on its own. Leonoor has been vilified when she stood up for her mother together with Marthe. We have suffered, but what was done to her mother is (almost) indescribable, unbelievable what she has endured. She died in 5 minutes, when the nurse went to get a pill. When they came back, she had passed away. Of course Leonoor cried, she wanted to take her home and her mother also begged to take her away from the hell (as she called it) of the nursing home, but Leonoor's father wouldn't let her. But Leonoor is also pleased with how she did everything, admirably. She sees it as a confirmation that everything is alright and has a reason, when she found out three weeks after the death that her mother and her grandmother both died on 18 May.

14 February 2019
14 jan - 14 febr 2019: 14 dagen niet gegeten, 17 dagen wel gegeten (1 page in pdf, Dutch)

12 February 2019
MEDITEREN heeft dezelfde letters als EET MINDER (1 page in pdf, Dutch)

18 April 2016
Meditatie in plaats van medicatie (Dutch, Meditation instead of medication)

19 December 2016
spontane meditatie met drie jongetjes aan het kanaal (Dutch, spontaneous meditation with three boys along the canal)

Interview with Atlantis, a woman from the United States, who lives in Bali. She stopped with eating food. She drinks herbal tea and light juices. Atlantis--------------------6:46

photo, retreat Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany, 8 July 2015
Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany, July 2015
Someone who has inspired us is Jasmuheen from Australia. She has lived without food since 1993 and without water since 2011. She travels the world giving lectures and workshops.

She has written books, including the book
Living on light and tells that it is a privilege to be engaged with living on light. The four of us sang at a retreat in July 2015 with Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany.

Click on the link
Chiemsee to see more photos.

book 'Living on light'

image, book 'Living on light' by Jasmuheen (Helen Greve) from Australia, description of personal experience of getting away from physical food
Jasmuheen (Ellen Greve) from Australia describes her personal experience of detaching from physical food in her book Living on light. Her website is

In the evening of 28 June 2014 we saw a fireball outside, when we sat in our living room while we were singing the affirmation I AM Light that Leonoor composed. Once we understood that it wasn't something we saw before, we went outside and just could make this photo that we cut out later. The fireball moved up, down, from left to right and disappeared after a few minutes. The item was also on Lomboxnet, news from our neighbourhood.
foto, vuurbal 28 juni 2014

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