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We would like to use our music to get in conversation with the people we play for. We look for ways to (learn to) get on social and loving with each other, with family and friends, in our social environment, at school and at work.

Questions which engage us are:

What do you want with your life?
How do you work together on a meaningful and social way of living and working?
How can we live in other ways, with more generations, more adults and children?
How do we, as adults, get on with children?
How do we get on with elderly people, our own parents, ourselves when we get old?
How can we help each other and children to listen to your feeling?
How do we get on with disease and how do we get better without medicines?
How do you break through indifference, being silent, closeness?
How do we live more conscious and with green energy?
What can we do to prevent problems as unrest, noise, agression, smoking, drinking and sexuality without love?
How do we help each other to be contented and modest and to show gratitude?
Is there more between heaven and earth?
Where do we come from, why are we here (on earth) and where are we going to again?
What is love, do you experience love, can you give love?
photo from the small tortoiseshell, an orange butterfly, made in our garden
the small tortoiseshell in our garden