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After 2 years of raw food we started to be free from the need of food since May 2014 and are stepping over on a new way of food, a very inspiring process of getting conscious. When you click on living on light, you can read more about it in our newsletter from October 2014.

We feel that we can play music better, sing more in tune and we also became more honest towards ourselves and each other, hidden emotions come up more.

What we still eat is vegan (vegetable) and biological.
We drink herbal teas and juices from the slowjuicer and from the blender, which we make ourselves. And we have a food processor, the
Magimix 4200, for pies, salads, sauces and pates.

photo, slowjuicer --------- photo, blender --------- photo, food processor Magimix
slowjuicer (Cooksense) ------- blender (Vitamix) ------- food processor (Magimix)
If you want to join us one time what we are doing, you can drink herbal tea with us, listen to our music and exchange experiences of life.

We bought a vitaliser for our water at Acqua Universo. The vitaliser brings the water in our house back in its original state. The water is softer, less troubled and tastes like water from a well. photo, vitaliser

how we were intensively engaged with raw food for 2 years

photo, green smoothie of cilantro, stinging nettles, parsley, celery, lemon and mango

green smoothie
The photo left is from a green juice: (self picked) stinging nettles, parsley, celery, coriander, mango, lemon and water. We made this green juice, also called green smoothie, made with a blender, the Vitamix 5200, which we bought at Groene Dag. This smoothie makes it possible to detox from heavy metals, like mercury.

Mercury is a heavy metal which can cause severe health problems, through the whole body(!), about which you can read a lot on the internet. In thermometers, low energy bulbs, fluorescent lamp, fish, vaccinations, inoculations, injections, amalgam fillings contain mercury. Leonoor and Jeannette let the dentist replace their silver coloured amalgam fillings (50% mercury and 50% other metals) by white composite fillings.

Detoxing, by eating raw food, juices, smoothies and superfoods, can improve your health tremendously.

We started to grow sprouts ourselves, which we put in the salads we make. Sprouts are the beginnings of a plant and contain important nutrients which have a positive effect on your health. Ann Wigmore (1929-1994) cured herself from colon cancer with juice of wheatgrass and cured many others with it, see

In the meantime we have a
slowjuicer, the Cooksense. We can juice vegetables and fruit with it. The slowjuicer divides the juice and the pulp. The juice is fresh for 24 hours.
photo, sprouts of lentils and broccoli

sprouts of lentils and broccoli

We came to the idea of a green juice/smoothie, because of our search for different food and we read Victoria Boutenko's book Green for Life (Groen voor het Leven).

She searched and found a natural solution for her and her family's health problems, also see
photo, book Green for Life'' (Groen voor het Leven) from Victoria Boutenko

other ways of healing

There is a lot going on at this moment in the medical world. It gets unpayable anyway, but also by the only medical (chemical) view on people we (fortunately) come more and more to the limits of chemo, medicine and operations. Doctors themselves are also looking for new ways. There is more, social, emotional, psychic, human relations, belief, nature, music.

Never give up. A veteran of the Gulf War lost 140 pounds in 10 months. His yoga teacher believed in him and that was the beginning of the reversal. ----------------------------- 4:54

dangers of medicine

photo, book 'Dodelijke leugens' (Deadly lies), C.F. van der Horst
Physiotherapist Aart-Jan Breed, who writes under the pseudonym C.F. van der Horst had the courage to publish the book Dodelijke leugens, artsen en patienten misleid (Deadly lies, doctors and patients deceived) about the dangers of medicine, additions to food and the use of pesticides in the agriculture.
photo, book 'Stop Alzheimer nu!' (Stop Alzheimer now!) Bruce Fife
Bruce Fife, nutritionist and natural doctor, writes about the harmful influences of medicine, toxins in the environment and unhealthy food on the arising of disease in the brain. He also comes with the possibilities to recovery and improvement of the overall health, inter alia by using more coconut oil.


Wilma Boevink took the initiative for the organisation HEE (Herstel Empowerment Ervaringsdeskundigheid)! Recovery Empowerment Expertise! to do something positive with her negative experiences to get better and also to help others with it.

In this video from 2012 five people tell from their own experiences about the psychiatry, Wilma Boevink, John Jongejan, Lenneke Elfers, Martijn Kole and Madeleine Prinsen.
----------------------------- 37:47
Also Jos Droes tells his story, psychiatrist, who works at Trimbos instituut and Jim van Os, professor psychiatry. The look more open to a human being and cooperate more than many other psychiatrists.

Bram tells about his psychosis and how he was engaged with reducing medication and now works in mental health care.

Click on the picture of the video or on this link to watch.
----------------------------- 41:56


---------------------------3:01:03 Interview with Door Frankema, writer of the book 'Vaccin vrij!' (Vaccine free!),, Desiree Rover, investigative journalist, and Hans Moolenburgh, doctor, by John Consemulder, psychologist, about the adverse effects of vaccinations, which hardly anyone dares to talk about.
photo, book 'Vaccin vrij!' (Vaccine free!) by Door Frankema

photo, book 'Vaccinaties doorgeprikt' (Vaccinations pricked) by Cisca Buis, Noor Prent and Tineke Schaper
Vaccination is no obligation, but a choice. So you can refuse to let your child being vaccinated, and
photo, book 'Vaccinatie is geen immunisatie' (Vaccination is no immunization) by Tim O'Shea

link to an extensive article from Leonoor about vaccinations, information, experiences and websites

includes videos in English

juices and more with Gerson diet

Max Gerson, a Jewish doctor, born in 1881, who discovered the relation between cancer and food. Unfortunately Gerson has been thwarted in America when he fled to America because of the war, he was put in prison and died in 1959. Like the Jewish immigrant Wilhelm Reich, a contemporary from Einstein and a colleague from Freud, who was also engaged with curing cancer with energy convertors (orgonites). Even now 87 years later videos about the Gerson diet are being removed from YouTube! Openness is really essential to be able to share experience and knowledge with each other. The daughter of Max Gerson, Charlotte Gerson went on and founded clinics in America. The Gerson diet is a variant on what we are engaged with by juices, so it is even possible to heal cancer in an advanced stage.

Doctor Henk Fransen, brought together E 45.000 with crowdfunding to combine the best of all cures.

interview, part 1------- 17:42 A beautiful interview - in 2 parts - from September 2015 from Henk Fransen with Anneke Smit-Boerma. In 2012 she was diagnosed 'incurable lung cancer' and was told she only had a few months to live. She decided to refuse chemo and went to look for alternatives. On her website is a lot of information. Her weblog is She died in April 2016. interview, part 2------- 27:20

Henk Fransen invited Wilko van der Vegt to give a lecture. The video in which he explains Gerson therapy, part 1, is worth watching.

Gerson therapy
part 1 - Wilko van der Vegt (21.35 min)

Then there are another two videos about the detoxification process and the frequently asked questions.

Gerson therapy
part 2 - Wilko van der Vegt (19.30 min)

Gerson therapy
part 3 - Wilko van der Vegt (12.21 min)

And a
link to background information.

The plant-based Gerson diet, for people with cancer, but also for a good health. Everything is very finely ground, so that your body has to do no effort to ingest the healthy nutrients and the biophotons (vitalising light parts taken from the sun ) and to digest them well:

no table salt Good salt is (Celtic) sea salt or Himalayan salt.
no (refined) sugar or sugar containing products.
no alcohol
no meat and fish

in the morning
- porridge, cooked in water with soaked dried fruit, apricots, raisins
- parts of fruit,
- orange, grapefruit or pomegranate juice.

13 vegetable and fruit juices of 200 ml divided over the day, altogether 2.6 liters of juice therefore! You hardly have to drink any water, so that the concentrated juices are well ingested.
- carrot & apple juice 6x
- green leaves & apple 6x
- orange, grapefruit or pomegranate juice 1x.

in the morning and in the evening 2 meals
- salad of lettuce and bell pepper, tomato, cucumber, olives
- Hippocrates soup, crushed carrots, potatoes, celeriac, parsley, onions, garlic, detoxification of the kidneys.
- baked potatoes
- cooked vegetables

The so-called hidden sugars are in almost all not fresh (also biological) products. Read the labels well, often the first or the second ingredient is already sugar, to keep food longer preservable sugar is added. The ingredient which is mentioned first is what is most in the product. Good sugars are stevia, palm sugar, Palmyra, maple syrup and optionally honey.

Moerman association

Cornelis Moerman (1893-1988) was a general practitioner in Vlaardingen and indicated biological food and being active yourself as assumptions and conditions to cure from cancer,

documentary The truth about cancer

We saw the 9-part (1,5 hours per part) documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest in October 2015. It's worthwhile to watch, impressive how Ty Bollinger together with his team interviewed people. And like this he brought outside experiences from 131 doctors, scientists and people who survived cancer from 27 countries, information, life force and wisdom with these documentaries. Doctors are threatened and even killed when they dare to say the truth about healing, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry.

We are also very happy that we were allowed to ascertain that by deepening us the past years, 2 years of raw food and sharing experiences this information was already familiar to us.

When you fill in your name and e-mail address on the website, you can watch the first two parts of the documentary.

little plant removes cancer cells

photo, artemisia annua also known as sweet wormwood

Artemisia annua also known as sweet wormwood, a plant which is often added to salads in Asia, appears to destroy 98% cancer cells in 24 hours without affecting healthy tissues. The small plant, also called qing hao genoemd, does not occur in the Nederlands.

Researchers of the University of Washington developed a material on the basis of the plant, which already has been used for a long time within the traditional Chinese medicine, a matter that acts on cancer cells 1200 times more effective than chemotherapy.

As chemotherapy normally goes together with heavy side effects and next to it does kill healthy cells, scientists are very positive about the results of the Asian plant. The plant is also used in modern medicine as a source of artemisinine, a matter which already saved millions of peoples lives against malaria.

self healing power

Honey is actually better for external use, for the skin, or a wound. Leonoor lately cured a bee sting with vinegar and honey in a day!! After a week the swelling came back, there appeared to be a piece of sting which her thumb carried away itself. She was able to take the last piece of sting out, afterwards she put honey on the swelling. In the evening everything was healed, very special to go through!

The self healing power is an incredible phenomena, of which we still know very little. This is the most beautiful way of healing and coming into balance, which Leonoor starts to appreciate more and more, and also feels a deep respect for! Yes, then a bee sting is almost nice to (be allowed to) go through, certainly when you know how the healing will be going. Then sharing experiences via internet is a very nice way to find your natural way of healing, or finding reassurance through experiences from others. Leonoor already knew the tips of vinegar and honey, but when you read it concretely from others it is very nice to be able to heal yourself in a natural way. We find it incredible again how much there is to find on the internet, really super, however difficult it is sometimes, chemicals in food, all medicine, operations, chemo. Sharing of experiences via internet really is an example of an enormous positive development worldwide, through which we are even more able to help each other to take our health in our own hands!!

photo, book 'Helende hennep' (Healing hemp) from Wernard Bruining
You can also read beautiful stories on the internet from people who cured themselves from cancer and all kind of other diseases by medicinal hemp oil,
Founder Wernard Bruining wrote the book Helende hennep (healing hemp), made videos from interviews with people about their special experiences with cannabis and an instruction video about making medicinal hemp oil yourself. We are also engaged in making this oil.

raw food
On the internet we read a lot about healthy food and we collected information, for example see On the website you find the nice story of Chris who cured colon cancer in 2003 at the age of 26 with raw food.

near death experience
But not only nutrition is important, also how you feel and your experiences in life are essential for your health, becoming conscious and your soul. Anita Moorjani wrote a beautiful book Dying to be me (Ik moest doodgaan om mezelf te genezen), in which she tells about her life, her being ill, her near death experience and how that experience totally changed her life.
We put an
interview (in Dutch) and a text of her (in English) in a document, so that more peole can read about her extraordinary experience with 'death'.
photo, book 'Dying to be me' (Ik moest doodgaan om mezelf te genezen) from Anita Moorjani

apricot kernels
We also read special stories of people who cured from cancer by eating apricot kernels and bitter almonds, which contain vitamin B17. It was already known in the 19th century that people of the Hunza tribe in Pakistan are almost never ill, because of their peaceable and friendly life attitude and because they eat many apricot kernels and bitter almonds. Researchers of the kernels discovered that vitamin B17 destroys cancer cells and has a curing action. story of Cees and reactions, vitamin b17 forum Cees,

radiation wireless computer network (wifi)

We got the indication that you are less bothered by the computer, if you connect it with a flex (cat. 6) to the router or modem. We notice indeed that we are less tired and that our eyes are less troublesome. Then you still have to switch off the wireless mode from the router. You can find on the internet how you can do this. You can also mail us about it at
photo, flex between router and laptop
flex between router and laptop

For more information about harmful consequences of radiation and advices for prevention see the links en

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