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We would like to be engaged with health, food and healing in a natural way.
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After 2 years of raw food we went on with letting go of food, in May 2014, after a 8 day process in which we didn't eat and drink for three days. It is an inspiring consciousness process to learn to know what food means in a physical, emotional, mental and social way. When you click on living on light, you can read more about it.

We learn to know ourselves and each other in another and a different way. We feel that we can sing more in tune. We are engaged with eating and not eating. What we eat is vegan (plant based) and ecological.
We drink herbal tea or soaked herbs in vitalised water (24 hours or longer) and juices we make with the
blender. And we also had a slowjuicer to make juices and a food processor to be able to make pies, salads, sauces and pates.

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