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photo, front music booklet A6 format 'Samen zingen, samen spelen' drawn by Jeannette

front music booklet A6 format 'Samen zingen, samen spelen'

The Foundation and living group Contact & muziek like to have quiet and green surroundings and a living space to let more people experience how you can really meet each other, how you can learn to cooperate and how you can work on rest and giving meaning, look at living project.

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We established Stichting Contact & muziek on the 5th of July 2010.

The foundation is established with the

In a group advancing contact, communication and cooperation, with help of music, by:
- providing music performances, in particular for people in social vulnerable positions, like children, elderly and people with a physical and/or mental disability, where people can participate;
- the development of new forms of music education.

You can support the foundation with a donation.

The foundation is classified as public benefit organization (in Dutch: algemeen nut beogende instelling, abbreviation ANBI). Thereby donations are deductible from the income tax. Because the foundation is also a cultural ANBI per 1 January 2013, there is an additional deduction of 25%.

If you want to contribute, you can donate on account number NL30 TRIO 0198 3198 78 in the name of Stichting (English translation: foundation) Contact & muziek in Utrecht.

data foundation

Stichting Contact & muziek
Billitonstraat 6
3531 HJ Utrecht
The Netherlands

fiscal number 8227 51 057

photo Marthe, Leonoor, Erik, 16 oktober 2017
Marthe-------- Leonoor-------- Erik

chair person, secretary

Leonoor van Beuzekom
treasurer Marthe Pal
member Erik de Jong

account number

NL30 TRIO 0198 3198 78

The members of the board do not receive a compensation for their executive function.