-------------path----------from ----ignorance--------------------- to --- knowledge, understanding,
--------------------------------------------------------------------------clarity, wisdom, love




Feelings of uncapability, fear, anger, sadness, despair, not being able, daring or wanting to change, but also a deep (sometimes unconscious) desire to change.

Wall you don't get through, but by running against the wall again and again there also comes out energy (the will and the courage) to start searching another way.

Inner process of silence to create room (creative process) and to make you free for new insights and your own awareness process. This process mainly takes place within yourself, on the outside there is nothing to be seen, the wall is dissolving itself. Develop the will to enter into contact with yourself, by making your unconsious feelings (wants, desires, strivings) conscious.

Now the proper healing and awareness process can start.




--- HEAL

Recognize and acknowledge emotions, patterns, pain points (allow yourself they may be there). Make contact with yourself (or re-establish the contact) by admitting feelings of pain, sadness, anger, really feel them.

Room to get through what you admitted and find a new balance.

Share emotions, feelings of pain, sadness, fear and anger, insights with other people. Release yourself from old patterns and loads you carry along, and accept yourself like you are, with your good and less good qualities. So that you, being healed, can make your own choices and can be responsible for your own life. In the encounter with other people, next to fear, sadness and anger, there comes room for the fourth emotion: joy, happiness and love by wich you can be a whole and free human being.

I wrote down this awareness process in an afternoon in april 2000. First I thought it was about recognizing, acknowledging, sharing, healing. By conversations with others I got to know that many people not even find there are problems. So the description of the preprocess that precedes the healing process originated.

I see this awareness process as a returning learning process, that comes back in all sorts of forms and on all sorts of levels. When you lost your joy, you can make yourself aware of what you need to be happy (again).