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playing viola da gamba and singing,
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affirmation day 3 four part

I accept the changes with ease and I allow myself to return to my place in the Universe.

affirmation composed by Leonoor, 4 part

where we played music, what we did

10 April 2016
We sung at a lecture in Joure from Aart-Jan Breed, writer of the book
'Dodelijke leugens, artsen en patiënten misleid' (Deadly lies, doctors and patients deceived),
under the pseudonym C.F. van der Horst and Ard Pisa, naturologist.

28 November 2015
--------------------------- 2:12

We sing 'Help elkaar sociaal te zijn' (Help each other to be social) at the opening of the exhibition 'Iconen uit het Noorden' (Icons from the North) from Hélène Wasser, a friend of us and Gea Fictoor and Anneke Twigt in De Noordelijke Kunsthof in Appingedam. Hélène recorded the video. Click on the picture of the video or on the link to listen and watch.

8 up until 12 July 2015
retreat with
in Chiemsee, Germany
Jasmuheen from Australia gives lectures, retreats and workshops around the world and is living on light since 1993.

foto, retraite Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany, 8 July 2015
Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany, July 2015

Click on the link Chiemsee to see more photos.

19 May 2015
kinderdagverblijf (child care day nursery) Jonas, music lesson for
babies and toddlers

17 May 2015
At the end of the geluksroute Utrecht (luck route Utrecht) , which we participated in that weekend there was a stadspicknick van overvloed (city picknick of abundance) in park Lepelenburg, for everybody, luck bringers and luck pluckers.

16 May 2015
GELUKSROUTE Utrecht & Europese GemeenschappelijkWonenDag (european communal living day), click here for the invitation.
Click on the link to our page on the website of the
geluksroute (luck route) to see our announcement with beautiful photo.

6 March 2015
When we were on the way with the four of us to the birthday of Leonoor and Jeannette's mother,
Leonoor played on the grand piano at Den Haag Central Station.

photo, Leonoor plays on the grand piano at Den Haag Central Station on 6 March 2015

25 January 2015
concert at home
three times a performance of 30 minutes in our living room at 13.00, 14.15 and 15.30, admission free, voluntary contribution

photo concert at home 25 January 2015, viola da gamba (viol) quartet

Those were three musical encounters in an open atmosphere.
Somebody thanked us for the warm appearance. We played canzones from the renaissance with our viola da gamba (viol) quartet, we played affirmations two part on the bamboo flutes and sang affirmations 4 part a capella.

15 November 2014
We went to a lecture from Jan De Cock, hospital chaplain in Belgium. Hij told about his visits to prisons abroad and about impressive conversations he had with surviving relatives of attacks about the power of forgiving and reconciliation. The website from his non-profit association Within-Without-Walls is . The lecture was organised by the Henri Nouwen Stichting (foundation) and music from Van Amsterdam Duo, Vincent and Jeanine from Amsterdam, two young people, brother and sister, on violin and accordion.

11 November 2014
beautiful encounter with babies and toddlers during music lesson on kinderdagverblijf (day nursery) Jonas in the neighboorhood Pijlsweerd in Utrecht

31 October 2014
Leonoor played on the piano during the autumn party in the Natuurwinkel (biological shop) at the Nachtegaalstraat in Utrecht.

25 October 2014
Nationale Duurzame Huizenroute (National Durable Houses route)
We had a nice meeting with the people opposite, who visited us and came to have a look at our green roof and the solar panels. We talked about living durable, by living with the four of us in one house we saved € 200.000 in 8 years time. Our neighbor learned to read notes and we sung a four part affirmation.

22 October 2014
parents' evening kinderdagverblijf (day nursery) Jonas in the neighbourhood Pijlsweerd in Utrecht
We played twee canzonas with our viola da gamba quartet. We received very beautiful reactions about the concentration and attention which people could feel. By sharing seven bamboo flutes of one tone a song spontaneously originated.

15 October 2014
sharing with music on the closing day of the sharing week in Meeting Plaza in Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht.
Afterwards we sang alongside an autumn artwork that was created with more people from flowers, leaves from nature.

--------------------------- 1:20

affirmatie Mother, Father, Divine Light
composed by Leonoor

This national week about the sharing economy (sharing, lending/borrowing, exchanging, renting and giving) is a cooperation from, shareNL, Durftevragen (dare to ask) and others.

5 October 2014
We had a stall with teaching materials at the autumn market at bezoekerscentrum (visitors center) De Boswerf in Zeist. Children learned to read notes and draw notes themselves. They also played on our selfmade bamboo flutes. We beautifully sung 4 part for visitors.

20 September 2014
performance and music workshop for children during a neighbourhood party at the Stanleylaan in the neighbourhood Kanaleneiland in Utrecht

Leonoor teached the children to learn notes, to play together on the bamboo flutes and they were allowed to play on her descant (soprano) viola da gamba. Children even lined up more than once, to be able to play again. They asked whether we would come again. afterwards they got a A5 with a scale, a song and the notes and rests.

14 September 2014
We had a stall at the neighbourhood party at the Laan van Nieuw Guinea, in Lombok in Utrecht with our teaching materials, a butterfly book, Leonoor's book and her piano cd with 20 pieces from the renaissance she recorded at home that week.

We made posters on A4 format from photos from ourselves and from the projects with elderly people and music lesson to children. We put them at the stall, which looked colorful with other posters and announcements of our quartet and our foundation. We had nice conversations with people. We also played music twice 30 minutes on stage with our viola da gamba (viol) quartet and the second time with the bamboo flutes and 4 part singing.

19 June 2014
With our viola da gamba quartet we played at the summerparty from kinderdagverblijf (day nursery) Aspelin at Vleutenseweg in Utrecht. Children and parents liked it a lot that they also were allowed to play themselves on our instruments.

5 May 2014
We sold second hand things for our foundation during the cosy yearly flea market in Lombok which raised € 450.

12 April 2014
lecture in Bunnik by Hans Reijnen, practioner in homoeopathy and bioresonance
The four of us sung four part a capella for 150 people during a lecture about vitamin b12.
We received a beautiful reaction of a woman, who attended the lecture: "Thanks for the sensitive music. Love."

6 April 2014
Stichting (foundation) Mediwiet in Soestduinen
Before the lecture about healing hemp we sung four part with our vocal quartet for 250 people.
A special experience, we had the feeling we were being carried. People were deeply touched.

26 October 2013
We took part in the Nationale Duurzame Huizenroute (National Durable Houses route). People visited our house to watch the solar panels and the green roof. The four of us played music, visitors themselves too. We talked a lot with each other about living energy efficient, saving money, social thinking and that it is still a taboo that there are alternatives for (only) medicine en operations that could cure people.

13 October 2013
Kuur & Herstel Zorghotel (post operative care), Wijk bij Duurstede

5 September 2013

photo stiltecentrum (silence center) Hoog Catharijne Utrecht 5 September 2013, viola da gamba quartet, Leonoor, Marthe, Jeannette, Erik

lunchtime concert Stiltecentrum (silence center) Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht

photo stiltecentrum (silence center) Hoog Catharijne Utrecht 5 september 2013, viola da gamba, Leonoor, Marthe ----- photo stiltecentrum (silence center) Hoog Catharijne Utrecht 5 september 2013, viola da gamba, Jeannette, Erik

18 May 2013
During the landelijke open dag gemeenschappelijk wonen (national open day community living) we played viola da gamba (viol) quartet in front of our house. Many people, also a baby of nine months old, listened for a while, found the music restful and became happy of it. With our way of living (together), making music and teaching we want to inspire people to cooperate and to go on openly with each other. When you do something with your heart and your feeling, then you can really stand behind it.

8 May 2013
music lesson for children from the neighbourhood with the violas da gamba and bamboo flutes of one tone in the tent next to speeltuin (playground) Bankaplein, opposite to our house.

5 May 2013
We had a stall that day facing our house and sold things during the flea market, organised by Lombok anders (otherwise). People spontaneously reacted at our appeal in the newsletter and brought us things. The result of over € 500 went to our foundation.

24 April, 21 May and 16 July 2013
music lessons for babies and toddlers at kinderdagverblijf (child care day nursery) De Regenboog around the corner of our house.

6 April 2013
Pateo Center in Oudewater

1 April 2013
Frontier gezondheidsdag (health day) in Amsterdam

17 March 2013
Lotusbeurs (Lotus exhibition) voorheen (before) Onkruidbeurs (Weeds exhibition) in Houten

25 February 2013
lecture Francis Kenter about raw food in Alchemist garden in Amsterdam

1 November 2012
opening new building elderly people's home De Wartburg in Utrecht

23, 30 October, 26 and 28 November 2012
music lessons for babies and toddlers at kinderdagverblijf (child care day nursery) De Regenboog around the corner of our house.

17 September 2012
nursing home for the elderly Hart van Lombok encounter with music

24 June 2012
summerparty in the Antoniuskerk for people who live in Lombok/Utrecht-West to celebrate the longest day

23, 30 May and 6 June 2012
music lessons for children at Taalschool het Mozaïek in Utrecht, made possible by Jeugdcultuurfonds (Youth culture foundation)

6 March and 20 June 2012
parents' evening day nursery Banka Regenboog

3 maart 2012
Intermezzo with our viola da gamba (viol) quartet at a concert from members and former members of Kunstorkest, Utrechts Studenten Barokorkest, during a reunion because of the 30th anniversary. In the evening Leonoor played very beautiful on the lute.

9 February 2012

foto van optreden met 3 bewoners van verzorgingshuis Transwijk beginning of 'Samen beter (together better) in Transwijk' in verpleeghuis Albert van Koningsbruggen in Utrecht, with the goal a better contact between elderly people and young people in Transwijk. We played 'Ik wil met de nacht op reis' (I want to go on a journey in the night) and 'Ik zeg ja, Heer' (I say yes, Lord) with 3 residents of verzorgingshuis Transwijk on the bamboo flutes of one tone and we sang.

7, 15, 22, 28 February, 14, 19, 28 March, 4, 10, 18, 23 April, 1, 9, 16 and 30 May 2012
music lessons for babies at day nursery Banka Regenboog just around the corner

20 January 2012
10th anniversary of chess club Hot-Spirit in community centre Spirit in our district Lombok

18, 25 January, 1, 8, 15 en 29 February 2012
music lessons for children at Taalschool het Mozaïek in Utrecht,
made possible by Jeugdcultuurfonds (Youth culture foundation)

19 December 2011 up to and including 1 November 2013
project for seniors Je bent nooit te oud om te leren (You are never too old to learn), musical encounters with subsidy from Fonds voor Cultuurparticipatie, Rabo DichtbijFonds and K.F. Hein Fonds

19 December 2011 Christmas celebration at De Meerstroom in Vleuten, a small-scale living facilities in a residential area for people from 60 years and older, who need support and care, but who want to live as independent as possible
20 January, 3, 17 February, 2, 16, 30 March, 13, 27 April, 11 and 25 May 2012 music and encounter for independent living seniors in Dienstencentrum West in our district Lombok, see photos
23 January, 26 March 2012, 15 and 29 June 2013 verzorgingshuis Bartholomeus Gasthuis in Utrecht
6 February, 5, 17 March (open doors), 2 April, 7 May and 4 June 2012 verzorgingshuis Tolsteeg in Utrecht
17 April and 15 May 2012 Coninckshof in Vleuten, five group residences for six persons, with nursing home care in personal atmosphere
17 January, 21 February, 27 March, 24 April, 5 June and 3 July 2012 Vijverhof in Harmelen, where small-scale living came instead of traditional nursing home care
14 May, 11 June, 24 July, 9 October 2012, 13 March and 15 July 2013 verpleeghuis Albert van Koningsbruggen in Utrecht
8, 22 June, 6, 20 July, 3 and 30 August 2012 music and encounter for independent residing seniors at our house
18 June, 10 July, 13 August, 11 September, 15 October, 12 November 2012, 5 March, 2 April, 28 May, 2 July, 20 August, 17 September and 29 October 2013 verzorgingshuis De Lichtkring in Utrecht
17 July and 6 August 2012 verzorgingshuis Schutsmantel in Bilthoven
23 July, 21 August, 21 September, 29 October 2012, 6 May and 22 July 2013 verzorgingshuis Transwijk in Utrecht
27 March, 19 April, 3 May, 19 July, 2, 23, 30 August, 27 September and 1 November 2013 verzorgingshuis De Wartburg in Utrecht

26 November 2011
open doors Barbara Uitvaartverzorging in Utrecht

20 November 2011

photo 2nd prize, € 7.500 subsidy on 20 November 2011

Members of
Rabobank Utrecht voted. We got the second prize, € 7500 subsidy, from Rabo DichtbijFonds for our project muziek in verzorgingshuizen(music in elderly people's homes). On Lombox,, a website with news from our district, there was a message about it several times.

4, 11, 26 October and 2 November 2011
music lessons for children from 8 and 9 years old at
Taalschool het Mozaïek in Utrecht

27 September 2011
We organised a musical encounter in the afternoon at Muntplein in our district Lombok, on the waterfront. We wanted to do something nice because of our taking in a competition from Rabobank Utrecht, to get subsidy from RaboDichtbijFonds.

We played viola da gamba quartet, lute solo, lute quartet, bamboo flutes quartet.
Adults and children from our neighbourhood, played on the viola da gamba and the lute. The youngest, Yma, was nearly three years old and comes for music lessons in the meantime.
People from our neighbourhood, adults and children also played a melody together on bamboo flutes of one tone.

4 September 2011
musical intermezzo on the one tone bamboo flutes 'Christ ist erstanden' (Christ the Lord has risen) during a debate about culture participation at
Utrecht Uitfeest
photo, bamboo flute quartet on 4 September 2011

18 August 2011
We played music in Amersfoort for residents of Geinsche Hof from Nieuwegein, who got evacuated because of a fire on the 27th of June.

24 June 2011
churchnight. We played in the Antoniuskerk at the Kanaalstraat in Utrecht.

29 May 2011
day of the Muntpark
workshops with music at the Muntsluizen in Utrecht, see photos day of the Muntpark.

15 May 2011
music in the garden of a former Carthusian monastery in Utrecht Hof van Chartreuse

2 May 2011 up to and including 7 August 2012
project for elderly people Muziek maken doe je samen (Make music together), 48 musical encounters in 5 elderly people's homes with subsidy from RCOAK and Fonds Sluyterman van Loo

2, 23 May, 4, 11, 16 August 2011 and 13 July 2012 verzorgingshuis Schutsmantel in Bilthoven
4 May, 6 June, 6 July, 3, 30 August, 3, 31 October, 28 November 2011, 4 January, 14 February, 20 March, 2, 29 May, 2 July and 7 August 2012 verzorgingshuis Ewoud in IJsselstein
6 May, 4, 7, 18, 26, 27 July, 5 August and 14 September 2011 verzorgingshuis Zuylenstede in Utrecht
31 May, 13 July, 17 August, 13 September, 10 October, 21 November, 29 December 2011, 30 January, 7 February, 7 March, 16 April, 21 May and 25 June 2012 verzorgingshuis Transwijk in Utrecht
1, 11, 20, 29 July, 8 and 15 August 2011 verzorgingshuis Heerewegen in Zeist

11 February 2011
We played for the second time in the classroom from Nelly, a friend of us, for the children from group 1 and 2 from the Jan Nieuwenhuyzenschool in our district Lombok in Utrecht.

10 January, 14 February, 14 March, 11 April, 9 May and 14 June 2011
musical encounter in living room from De Lichtkring, a residential home for the elderly (in Dutch: verzorgingshuis) in Utrecht from Aveant

4 January up to and including 15 March 2011 extended schoolday
On 10 Tuesday afternoons between 15:15 and 16:15 we teached music to a group of children of 4 and 5 years old
at the Jan Nieuwenhuyzenschool in Lombok, Utrecht. This school is located in our district, at 5 minutes walking from our house.

26 December 2010
silent walk (in Dutch: stiltewandeling)
The local authority is working together with Milieucentrum Utrecht, Stichting Klank and
Platform van Utrechtse natuur- en milieuorganisaties to indicate and protect silent areas in the city
to make people conscious of the importance of silence and rest.

Because of that Riek Westerhof from Stichting Klank organised a stiltewandeling in the city together with
Trudie Jongkind from Milieucentrum Utrecht on Christmas Sunday.
We played music in the beginning and at the end of the walk.

21 December 2010
We played bamboo flutes, during the longest night of the year, on the Lombok lightday.
At this gathering of inhabitants and organisations from Lombok, organised by Slinger voor Lombok,
we also sang Silent night four-part.

23 November and 14 December 2010
2 musical encounters in living rooms from De Lichtkring, a residential home for the elderly in Utrecht from Aveant.

14 November 2010
festive opening Buurtsport Leidsche Rijn in Utrecht,
een neighbourhood sportschool which wants to use sport to bring people together.
They asked us, because they wanted to give people a different and new.

29 October 2010
We played for the second time with our lute quartet and on our one tone bamboo flutes in Marieke's classroom, for the children from group 7 and 8 from the Jan Nieuwenhuyzenschool in our district Lombok in Utrecht.

8 October 2010
We played in the classroom from Nelly, a friend of us, for the children from group 1 and 2 from the Jan Nieuwenhuyzenschool in our district Lombok in Utrecht. Wonderful how beautiful children of 4 and 5 years old plucked on the small lute, which was just built.

3, 6 and 10 October 2010

Music workshop during a medieval drawing project in Amsterdam

2 October 2010
Bamboo flute workshop at the organic bamboo nursery Randijk in Leusden

24 September 2010
We played with our viola da gamba (viol) quartet in Marieke's classroom, for the children from group 7 and 8 from the Jan Nieuwenhuyzenschool in our district Lombok in Utrecht. Very special how beautiful the children played on the small viola da gamba and with attention.

12 September 2010
Cultural and car-free Sunday in collaboration with Riek Westerhof of Stichting Klank.

13 June 2010
Open doors day at the Randijk organic bamboo nursery in Leusden, see photos.

12 June 2010
Music and Flower festival in the Anglican church in Utrecht. Fenna (7), Janne (8) and Sanne (8)
who have lessons with us, played music on our home-made single-tone bamboo flutes. See photos.

16 March up to and including 16 November 2010
59 musical encounters in living rooms of 12 nursing homes and residential homes for the elderly from AxionContinu for the project Muziek dichtbij (Music close to you):

- Albert van Koningsbruggen (18x)
- De Bijnkershoek (8x)
- De Componist (2x)
- De Drie Ringen (3x)
- 't Huis aan de Vecht (3x)
- De Ingelanden (4x)
- Isselwaerde (4x)
- Mariënstein (1x) in IJsselstein
- De Schutse (2x) in Lopik
- Tolsteeg (4x)
- Voorhoeve (8x)
- De Wartburg (2x)

You can watch some photos from a few homes.

30 January 2010
De Keizershof in Utrecht
De Keizershof is an apartment complex where people who need care can live independently,
no matter their age or the level of care required.

13 December 2009
musical meeting at the Frieswijk School, near Deventer

9 December 2009
We played an impromptu session at the playground Speeltuin Bankaplein, across from our house, with our viola da gamba quartet. The children joined us on small and large bamboo flutes.

12 November 2009
music for babies at day nursery Banka Regenboog just around the corner

7 November 2009
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bureaubewust, a shop in Utrecht with green products, with an accent on sustainable stationery, Leonoor and Marthe played the lute in the shop.

18 October 2009
wood exhibit Designers in wood at Fort bij Vechten in Bunnik, near Utrecht

13 September 2009
Pandhof Sinte Marie during a Cultural Sunday in Utrecht with Stichting Klank

7 September up to and including 16 November 2009
During 10 weeks we taught music to children on Monday and Thursday afternoons at buitenschoolse opvang (after-school care centres)
de Jutter and de Boog, in Utrecht.

24 August 2009
name day of the Bartholomeus Gasthuis convalescent home in Utrecht, where care has been given to the elderly of Utrecht since 1407

18 July up to and including 24 July 2009
musical pre-school during Europa Cantat international festival for amateur singers

20 June 2009
open doors day at De Wilgenhof, an organic neighbourhood garden in Utrecht

13 June 2009
Music and Flower festival in the Anglican church in Utrecht

31 May 2009
Day of the Park, in a temporary park in the Lombok district of Utrecht

16 May 2009
fluitekruid-dag in Rhenoy in the Betuwe Area

29 April 2009
The Pandhof herb garden of the Utrecht Dom Church in the context of Noise Awareness Day
(day to get conscious of sounds from the surroundings) with Stichting Klank

March 2009 up to and including November 2009
Every week we played a few times for a group of about 10 children from 0-4 years old at day nurseries and playgroups and for children from 4-8 years old at after-school child care centres. Totally we played 105 times, via the MEMO Foundation.

8 March and 22 March 2009
Ita from the bamboo flute society, who teached us, together with Bea, to build bamboo flutes, asked us whether we wanted to play in the Woudkapel in Bilthoven on international women's day, Erik was allowed to go with us. Two weeks later Leonoor and Marthe playedd during a divine service in the Woudkapel.

22 February 2009
Kraaybeek, anthroposophic senior citizen's complex in Driebergen

4, 10 and 18 February 2009
Activiteitencentrum Zuidwester for handicapped care in Voorschoten

21 January 2009
Minkema College, comprehensive school for secondary education in Woerden,
during the final philosophy class for children in the fifth form

11 January 2009
New Year's gathering at De Heijgraeff, institution for people with a mental or physical handicap in Woudenberg

17 December 2008
Christmas Day Wilhelmina Kinderziekenhuis in Utrecht

13 December 2008
Christmas Fete Dordrecht, Centrum Beeldende Kunst

30 November 2008
opening exhibition in De Boterhal in Hoorn

17 November 2008
a musical afternoon in the anthroposophical elderly people's home Huize Valckenbosch in Zeist

17 October 2008
gathering for entrepreneurs in the graphic sector of Key Equipment Finance in De Havixhorst near Meppel

23 May 2008
In residential home for the elderly de Lichtkring in Utrecht we played on a locked unit. Somebody from the activity coordination heard from us, because we played in Huize Valckenbosch (18 juli 2007). Here also people liked to hear the soft sounding music from the renaissance.

11 February 2008
The aunt of Leonoor and Jeannette, Greet lived in Vita Nova, a elderly people's home in Oss. Leo, the husband of cousin Jacky, asked whether we wanted to play one time for the residents. The people were very happy with our soft music. In the meantime Greet passed away.

18 December 2007
Christmas celebration in residential home for the elderly Nieuw Bleyenburg in Utrecht. We played a canzone from Girolamo Frescobaldi as a intermezzo at the appearance of the choir Animato from Harrie Wagemakers. We played on 2 bass viola da gambas (viols), a soprano (diskant) viola da gamba (viol) and a fiddle (in loan from our neighbour).

28 September 2007
Music with the viola da gamba (viol) quartet and with two lutes on the boerenmarkt (weekly biological market) in Utrecht, because of de week van de smaak (the week of the taste). We played sitting comfortably warm at bundles of straw. It became a very cosy day. People also played on instruments and people happened to like it very much. That was the beginning of a new development of not only playing for people, but also letting people play on our instruments themselves. mogen spelen.

18 July 2007
Huize Valckenbosch our first performance in a anthroposophical elderly people's home. Marthe, Jeannette, Erik and the residents were very happy, Leonoor apparently was less happy. That was a difference in experience and hearing whether it sounds pure or not. That difference fortunately would become smaller and smaller.