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I think it's nice to talk with children and to stimulate them to talk and to give them the feeling that what they say is important. Children like to develop themselves, they are eager to learn. When you get on with them openly, they can be open as well. It's important to be clear when you think something isn't good, but only when you can feel it, just giving a rule doesn't work.

Talking about how you want to get on with each other is very well possible with children. Children are sensible, when you say that it's good to be nice to each other, to listen to each other, not talking too loud, to help each other, they understand it very well. Especially in this time with few attention for each other, children are happy when we work on rest and concentration. Children can't do that themselves. We as adults are much needed to see to a quiet atmosphere, in which a child can learn and develop socially and emotionally.
photo Gizem and Leonoor are bowing together on the viola da gamba

Children who are restless, ask for rest. Children don't want to be restless, but because we can't give them something that really interests them, they often get unquiet and they are easily distracted. Rest especially comes when children feel heard and seen. That asks for wanting to be open, to see what the want of children is and feel what is needed. I think you can only develop those skills by being open yourself, feel empathy for and deepen yourself in other people.

The baby at first needs the contact, to feel safe. Babies substantially grow more when they are cherished and experience love. I think every person feels happy when there is contact, when he/she has the feeling that she/he is heard and/or seen and experiences love.

You need confirmation to be able to become conscious

Adults are needed to help to build up consciousness. It's important that children have a say about what you want in life and how we get on with each other and with nature. If we as adults go on with each other socially, talk with each other and feel empathy for each other, we can take children with us by giving the good example.

We already took a lot for granted. Children can learn us to be open again, but children also adapt very easily, also to each other. It's important to see both sides well and to help children and yourself to find a way in it.

Logic is essential. When you understand why things are as they are or go as they go, you can explain that to children. The ‘why-questions’ which children love to ask are chances to be able to get around to deepening. It's up to us to see to it that children feel free to ask their questions.

We can help each other to ever choose for love again. That means being honest and intervene in situations, that don't feel good. When we talk with each other about how we experience situations, our own behaviour and behaviour of others we can improve the quality of life. We can also talk with children about how we feel, whether we are happy and glad with who we are and what we do.
photo van Leonoor en Isaac met de diskant viola da gamba
It's good to make differences between people as small as possible. One isn't better, brighter or nicer than an other. The differences that are there see to a broader view on each other and can lead to new understandings. There are big differences in wealth, one has more money than an other, those differences should be smaller. Money doesn't make happy. If we spend less money, we also need to earn less money. If we should think away the money, we are more able to see what is really important in life. Matter is meant to be as aid, not as purpose. Thinking material doesn't lead to love. It rather leads to possession, wanting to have and thinking in power (me or you), instead of wanting to share (me and you).

If everyone would learn to look for ways herself/himself, by thinking what he/she would contribute or add what's really worthwile, than it might be much nicer to live.

It's very well possible that there is a layer of consciousness around us, with a higher intelligence, love, with which we can make contact. I think when you take a new path, without any experience and without knowing people who already know the path, you get the strength to go further. When you think you can't do something, but you still do it, there comes support out of another dimension, and then you can feel and experience love.

Music can help to create an atmosphere in which it's possible to cooperate, play together, help each other to build up concentration and confidence and to develop yourself. Music is a universal language and can be a beautiful means for contact. Language is also essential for the communication. It's important to choose your words carefully, communicate clear, take time, talk friendly and quietly.

I give music lessons to children. Marthe, Jeannette and Erik help, whereby children get the feeling that they're being seen and where getting on with each other socially gets a lot of attention. We would like to help children to gain experience in getting on conscious with each other.