Jeannette passed away

8 June 2017
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Jeannette van Beuzekom
Bergambacht 3 April 1955
Utrecht 8 June 2017

This cabbage white butterfly in the planter
in front of our door, flew away,
came back again,
a message from the other side.

Jeannette passed on 8 June 2017

We are very grateful that we have been together for 11 years, lived together and played music. Especially the 4-part a capella singing was a very beautiful gift for us.

It is special that Jeannette has been able to share and heal a deep pain in the contact with her mother, because of the daily visit to her mother in an elderly people's home with the four of us. With help of her sister Leonoor she could show her vulnerability, to which her mother responded so beautifully, softly and openly that there came a connection for the first time in her life that touched her deeply. Jeannette and her mother were as happy as can be and we as well that we were allowed to participate in that. Also because of this she made the transition at home with a satisfaction and rest and was able to let go of her life.

Her mother: "When her life is being concluded in a nice way that is valuable, joy comes through the sadness".

Jeannette drew the mandala for her mother and the evening before her passing away she has been able to give it to her mother.

The funeral with a small group of family and friends and self picked flowers, went in a very quiet and natural way.
Everybody found it nice to experience. Because of everything we have been through were are very happy and grateful that we may experience that what we do with love remains.
Leonoor, Marthe