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foto, gele bloem op de kleine kamer, augustus 2019
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Leonoor van Beuzekom
Marthe Pal

Billitonstraat 6
3531 HJ Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 30 - 2942625

Contact & muziek 12 years! (Dutch)

photo from flowers that Leonoor picked and put on a guestr oom, June 2019
flowers which Leonoor picked for the guests

Janneke, Leonoor's mother, wrote beautiful poems (in Dutch: gedichten).

We, Leonoor and Marthe want to inspire people with our way of living and let people experience how nice and important it is to talk with each other, cooperate, be open for each other, love yourself and each other, take care for each other, sharing the care for children and elderly people, share experiences and knowledge, live together consume less and meditate more. Then there comes rest, light, happiness and love in our life and on earth.
afbeelding  pagina 1 'De ziel terug in het leven', oktober 2018, pdf, 39 pagina's

De ziel terug in het leven, deel 1 (pdf), 39 pagina's

De Derde Weg

made by Kate and Hidde

Contact & muziek originated through the wish to live a meaningful life. Marthe, Erik and Jeannette (she passed away the 8th of June 2017) started to live with Leonoor in her house in 2006, in the neighbourhood Lombok in Utrecht where Leonoor already lives since 1989. In our work and lives we missed room for own initiative and creativity. We started to look for a conscious way to live, live together and cooperate.

We are very grateful that we have a unique chance to be engaged with meaning, social consciousness, sustainability by our way of living together and cooperating. We talk, meditate, singen, make music, meet people and are engaged with consuminderen (consuming less). After a 8 day process in May 2014 about letting go of food, during which we did not eat or drink for three days we started a process to let go of food, in a natural, free and creative way. We find it a very beautiful, inspiring process to eat less and feel (more) conscious, experiencing what eating and not eating is doing to you(r body).

By being engaged with living on light see also our facebook page www.facebook.com/lichtvoeding we learn to know ourselves and each other in a different way. We live in a busy performance and consumption orientated society. We realize still more how dependent we are on food and how much time we are engaged with producing, transporting, buying, preparing and consuming of food. More and more people search for new ways, want to live sustainable, care for each other, live consciously, without alcohol, meat, medicine, vaccinations, with home schooling and sharing knowledge and experiences with each other.

We work hard, learn much about nature, about herbs, flowers and plants, old and new knowledge. Leonoor has contact with butterflies, who also come on her hand and flying over us, confirm us and inspire us to go further on this path.

Leonoor shares (partly English)

Leonoor writes about the special contact of Leonoor and her mother, see page Leonoor-deelt.html.

photo, Leonoor her mother Janneke, Marthe and Leonoor, 8 maart 2018
Leonoor's mother Janneke, Marthe and Leonoor, 8 March 2018


Leonoor is the initiator of our living group Contact & muziek. She was a violinist and a violin teacher since she was 18 years old. She teached herself, Marthe, Jeannette and Erik to play the viola da gamba (viol) and the lute , two instruments from the renaissance.

After the 8 day process in May 2014 to be free from the necessity of food Leonoor
composed (Dutch) seven beautiful affirmations about love, light and the universe.

photo of the front of the book '7 affirmations'

Leonoor develops new ways of making music, singing meditatively without a rhythm, with space and time for expression of words, like you recite a poem. Spontaneity, expressivity, creativity and spirituality, eating less, meditating and singing meditatively brings our life on a higher, lighter and more social level. Singing without eating sounds and feels spacious and open.

We built
bamboo flutes of one tone on which we can play melodies together. You can listen to us on the page music.

photo, Leonoor and Marthe in Den Haag (The Hague), 31 July 2019
Leonoor and Marthe, 31 July 2019

music lesson, (music) education, teaching materials

Leonoor teached music (viola da gamba, lute and piano) to children and adults and developed teaching materials (Dutch) and a new way of (music) education. Booklets (Dutch) with coloured notes and other teaching materials which you also can order.

Children (and adults) learned the music basics, in such a way that they really understand it. The children learn to make beautiful sounds and tones on bamboo flutes of one tone, and learn to play the viola da gamba (viol) and the lute.
We are engaged in a relaxed way with concentration, rest, (tonal) purity, working together, singing, (learn) to listen. We take time for new experiences, see

On our page activities there is an overview of activities from 2007 until now

video about our living group

photo, Leonoor's piano CD from November 2015
CD with meditatively
played piano music

Dowlands Almaine

foto van ons huis, vooraanzicht
our house is painted!

I AM Light
2-part singing


photo bittern next to poem Janneke van Beuzekom - van Veen
poems (Dutch) from Leonoor's mother

books (Dutch)


drawn music (Dutch)

spiritual experience
with a

red admiral butterfly

Leonoor wrote 2 beautiful (photo)books :

photo front of the book 'Levenservaringen, gedachten over het leven' (Life experiences, thoughts about life) from Leonoor, hard cover

Levenservaringen (Life experiences),
gedachten over het leven (thoughts about life), 10
about Leonoor's life and the initiative to bring people together and to be engaged with sharing.

simple version,
with linen strap, 5

photo front of the book 'Contact met de ziel' (Contact with the soul) 21 x 21 cm

Contact met de ziel
(Contact with the soul)
21 x 21 cm, 10

pdf version (download)

foto van de voorkant van het boek 'Contact met de ziel' 30 x 30 cm

luxe versie
(luxury version)
30 x 30 cm, 30
mijn bewustwordingsproces, muziek, contact met vlinders en onze woongroep
(my consciousness process, music, contact with butterflies and our living group)


Zingen maakt je vrij
(Singing makes you free), 20

foto, voorkant van het boek '7 affirmaties gecomponeerd door Leonoor', met ringband

7 affirmaties (7 affirmations)
gecomponeerd door Leonoor
(composed by Leonoor), 10
Het is worthwhile to look at the teaching method Leonoor that developed with coloured notes at the page getekende muziek (Dutch [translation: drawn music]). She also made song texts and polyphonic arrangements of musical parts and songs.

photo front booklet Sinterklaas kapoentje

getekende muziek (in Dutch, translation: drawn music)


We have a green roof, solar panels, an air heat pump and we are in more ways engaged with sustainability.

photo from the solar panels, which are on our green roof since 3 August 2015

solar panels on our green roof

Everything that happens with love has a healing power.
We are all connected with each other and one.
There is no distinction between me and the other.
Love connects us with each other
and solves all contradictions,
contact from soul to soul.
Every human being is a part of the whole
with his/her life and experiences.


With our video

muziek in verzorgingshuizen
(music in elderly people's homes) http://youtu.be/rd4SCpI8dwM

we received the 2nd prize in November 2011,
7.500 subsidy, from Rabo DichtbijFonds.

drawing red admiral Jeannette

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