Music & Flower Festival 12 June 2010 in the Anglican Church in Utrecht

photo of the announcement of the Music & Flower Festival This was the second time that we participated in the Music & Flower Festival, an annual event held in the Anglican Church on Limburg van Stirumplein in Utrecht.

Because we have been teaching music at home for the past six months to children (as well as adults), we asked several children to play. Fenna (7), Janne (8) and Sanne (8) sang along with us and played music on our home-made single-tone bamboo flutes. We played some ancient melodies that sounded beautiful in this church.

The many flowers in the church stood symbol for the festival's theme: green awareness. We wrote a text about the creation, set to the well-known tune of Father Jacob, especially for this occasion. The children played the song on their bamboo flutes and sang along with us. We practised the canon in two voices on our flutes with the audience singing along. You will find the text at the bottom of the page.

--------------------photo of the practice session: Leonoor, Fenna, Jeannette, Janne, Erik, Sanne and Marthe singing
-------------------------------------- practice session just before the performance ----------------------------

---photo of Leonoor with a viol (viola da gamba) and Fenna photo of Jeannette and Erik with alto viols, Fenna, Janne and Sanne sitting behind them and listening photo of Marthe with a bass viol
---------We played two canzonas by Giovanni Domenico Rognoni for viol consort.

-------------------photo of the lute quartet and Sanne
We played 'La la hö hö' by Heinrich Isaäc and 'Fors seulement' by Jacob Obrecht.

-----------------photo of Leonoor, Fenna, Jeannette, Janne, Erik, Sanne and Marthe; Fenna, Janne and Sanne playing the flute
---------------------------------We played bamboo flutes and sang:

the melody of Father Jacob
On this planet live with care
Everyone can do his share
Everything created
Has its own value
Keep it clean, make it green.

----------------------------- photo of the church
----------------------------------------- The Anglican Church of Utrecht