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house of straw and clay, developed and built by Pim Hondeveld
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straw house
Pim Hondeveld
photo beautiful community house, earth houses Olst, tour 21 August 2016
our visits to
13 ecovillages (partly translated)

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social musical sustainable living project

We the living group Contact & muziek want to (let somebody) build a round building from straw, with other natural products like hemp, cork and bamboo. For that we are looking for a green location, preferably in Utrecht or close to Utrecht. When somebody has an idea we like to hear it.

We want to share our way of living and working together on consciousness, sustainability, communication, meditation, meditatively singing and our change to living on light, with more people. Through attention for each other, openness, sharing (life) experiences and knowledge, there comes space for spontaneity, creativity, new ideas and wishes. People can visit us and stay for a while. more (2 pages in pdf)

Leonoor wrote four articles

Voorkomen is beter (Dutch) (6 pages in pdf)
How do we really get better

opzetten sociaal bewustwordingscentrum (Dutch) (4 pages in pdf)
meditation, communication, living on light and a capella singing

Ziel terug in de zorg (Dutch) (6 pages in pdf)
feeling back into life
Leonoor made the video
zielscontact met mijn moeder (soul contact with my mother) for her lecture & encounter at the day 'the soul back into care', 25 February 2017

----------------------------- 14:20

The article Ziel terug in de zorg (Soul back into care) (with photos), on Leonoor's weblog.

10 jaar intensief met elkaar samenleven en samenwerken (Dutch) (6 pages in pdf)
what we achieved as a living group in 10 years

photo from Marthe Leonoor Erik, 7 May 2017
M a r t h e--- L e o n o o r---E r i k
photo Leonoor plays alt viola da gamba (viol)<br>
for Iris and her dog Lex, 1 September 2016
Leonoor plays alt viola da gamba (viol)
for Iris and her dog Lex

If you want to contribute to our plan for a social, musical, sustainable living community, then you can do an online donation by clicking on the mandala drawn by Jeannette.
You can also transfer an amount in another way
NL30 TRIO 0198 3198 78 in the name of Stichting (English translation: foundation) Contact & muziek in Utrecht for our "living project".

account number

data foundation

Stichting Contact & muziek
Billitonstraat 6
3531 HJ Utrecht
The Netherlands

fiscal number 8227 51 057

photo Erik Marthe Jeannette Leonoor next to straw house Pim Hondeveld 28 November 2016
chair person Leonoor van Beuzekom
secretary Jeannette van Beuzekom
treasurer Marthe Pal
member Erik de Jong

The members of the board do not receive a compensation for their executive function.

We established Stichting Contact & muziek on 5 July 2010.

The foundation is established with the

In a group advancing contact, communication and cooperation, with help of music, by:
- providing music performances, in particular for people in social vulnerable positions, like children, elderly and people with a physical and/or mental disability, where people can participate;
- the development of new forms of music education.

The foundation is classified as public benefit organization (in Dutch: algemeen nut beogende instelling, abbreviation ANBI). Thereby donations are deductible from the income tax. Because the foundation is also a cultural ANBI per 1 January 2013, there is an additional deduction of 25%.