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Henri Monfort-----2:40:45
interview and nice words from Henri Monfort from France, who lives without food since 2002, he drinks water from time to time, English subtitles (Pranic nourishment experience).

Interview with Atlantis, a woman from the United States, who lives in Bali. She stopped with eating food. She drinks herbal tea and light juices. Atlantis--------------------6:46

photo, retreat Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany, 8 July 2015
Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany, July 2015
In July 2015 we sang with the four of us during a retreat with Jasmuheen in Chiemsee, Germany.
Jasmuheen from Australia gives lectures, retreats and workshops over the whole world and is living on light since 1993.

Click on the link
Chiemsee to see more photos.

In the evening of 28 June 2014 we saw a fireball outside, when we sat in our living room while we were singing the affirmation I AM Light that Leonoor composed. Once we understood that it wasn't something we saw before, we went outside and just could make this photo that we cut out later. The fireball moved up, down, from left to right and disappeared after a few minutes. The item was also on Lomboxnet, news from our neighbourhood.
foto, vuurbal 28 juni 2014

An announcement of a new documentary about living on light Living off Energy, We Are Energy with Jasmuheen and Camila and Akahi, with whom we have contact in the meantime. You can see their son Inti a little while.

After the 8 day process in May 2014 with Akahi and Camila with three days without food and drinking we started to stop eating. A very special, inspiring process, from which we learn a lot. We have a lot of new experiences with each other and we are allowed to experience what food does with you. Very nice to experience and go through! You can also see Jasmuheen, whom we met during a retreat in Germany in July 2015.

4:33 minutes, Camila and Akahi

And another nice video from Jasmuheen. She lives without food since 1993 and from 2011 without water. She comes from Australia and travels around the whole world to give lectures and workshops.

14:36 minutes, Jasmuheen
part 1 of 5, Supreme Master Television
Here a very beautiful and nice interview with Julie Jespersen, a young woman from Denmark. Arjan Bos from Earth Matters interviews her.

25:35 minutes, Living from light
Earth Matters

--------------------------------------------- October 2014
Dear people,

This is the letter I (Leonoor) made about letting go of food and how we are involved in another way of nourishment.

Since 2006 we live and work on Contact & muziek with the four of us and since May 2014 we are involved in letting go food and to live from light, warmth, colour, music and love. In a special way we found a video on the internet about two young people who have two children in the meantime and who live from breath and love from 2008 on.

These are the websites from Akahi and Camila, two young people from Ecuador and the United States of America who inspired us to go through an 8 day process with them to let go food. They are engaged with that for 6 years now and have two children meanwhile, who only get/got breast feeding.

Someone who also inspired us is Jasmuheen from Australia. She already lives without food for 20 years and travels around the world to give lectures. She wrote books, amongst other things the book
Living on light and tells that it is a privilege to be allowed to be engaged with living on light. Her website is

We went through the 8 day process at home with Akahi and Camila and three people from Canada and the United States of America via Skype and Google Hangout to let go food and to switch to another source of energy. Like we become conscious that oil and nuclear energy are not necessary anymore when you can use solar energy and wind energy, instead of food, light, breath and love appear to be a new source of nourishment. You don't die when you don't eat, is an enormous discovery, comparable to the discovery that the earth is not flat but appears to be round.

At this moment we are engaged to prepare us mentally and physically to go on without food and possible also without water. We watched a splendid documentary In the beginning there was light around the world who are also engaged with this and and some of them already live without eating and drinking for years. Doctors are surprised how healthy their bodies and their auras are. When you are interested we can send you that documentary by mail. photo, documentary about living on light 'In the beginning there was light

We are very happy that we are allowed to think in a new way and experience what food does with us and how you can let it go.

I read several books about the soul and near-death-experiences:

- Dying to be me (2012) from Anita Moorjani

- Proof of heaven (2012) from Eben Alexander

- Journey of souls (1994) from Michael Newton

How we return home, when we pass away and that death is only a movement to another dimension, where you go further with developing yourself, only without time and the appearances and externals from the earthly existence is described very beautiful in

- Testimony of light (1969) from Helen Greaves, a correspondence between her and her friend Frances Banks who died and tells/passes on how she experiences the transition and what she goes through over there.

Two recent books from
Thea Terlouw (2001 en 2007)

- De cyclus van leven en dood (2001, The cycle of life and death) information from deceased people about our origin and gives a perspective for a new thinking about life.

- Een cirkel doorbroken (2007, Broken circle) gives insights about ending the karmic cycle of life and death.

Two books about messages of Love, light and wisdom from
archangel Michael- Let there be light (2003) from Ronna Herman

- Brieven van Michael (2011, Letters from Michael) from Katerina Karanika. In the meantime I have contact with Katerina and I visited her one time in Baarn.

photo, front of book Brieven van Michael, Katerina Karanika

The book from Katerina Karanika is a special book about messages she receives from archangel Michael. Therein he passes that we are making a transition on earth and fear. The 4th dimension is the struggle that people go through to break through patterns of fear, pain and division. In the 5th dimension there is light, love, unity and connection.

We found the website from Katerina and sent her an email. I wrote that I recognized much and told something about how we live and work together 8 years now with the four of us to go on conscious and social with each other. By reading her book I understood that I have been through that struggle from the 4th dimension on my own and that I'm helping my housemates to go through this transition now with each other then.

Katerina replied that her soul was touched and that she immediately had a desire to get in touch with me. We called and I visited her and her husband, it was an inspiring encounter. She asked me whether I want to help to spread her book, so that more people can read this message about love.

In the books I recognize much from the process that I went trough in a very lonely period of 8 years without friends, family, Christmas or New Year's Eve. Children from the neighbourhood kept on seeing and finding me, which was very special. Later I understood that I passed through 8 years of loneliness to tumble out of all systems (3rd dimension) and through all fear (4th dimension) to be able to prepare on a new life without fear (5th dimension), in which I could start to cooperate and could begin to take along my housemates on the path of becoming conscious, with openness, sharing, music, colour and love as nourishment to live from.

One afternoon in April 2000 I wrote a process of awakening consciousness on a A4 paper sheet, from the path of ignorance to wisdom, through the layers of deniying, fear, loneliness, to recognizing, acknowledging your pain, fear, loneliness, to sharing and healing, through which comes love, happiness and rest. I wrote the process also on our website, see
awareness process.

When I didn't feel happy at all during the studies haptonomy and naturopathy a philosophy teacher said to me why are you not going to start it like you want it yourself. That was the little nudge in the back to start my own practice with haptonomy and music. I noticed that I went on with people very different than how others went on with me. I was empathetic and took the time, I started with 2 hours, quickly it became 4 hours and after a while I decided to work a whole day with someone, time flew yet. That happens when you go into the depth and when you are engaged on level of the soul. In the evening I brought 3 or 4 people together, because I had the feeling that it was important to see and to experience that the same problems actually bother everybody. Nobody had experience with breaking through loneliness, openness, sharing and cooperating.

After three years I started to bring together 10 people that I accompanied 3 years long very intensively and we started to talk with each other, making music and eat with each other. We came together 5 days a week, after two months it became 7 days. We had to hurry often, so that everybody could catch the last train or bus. The next day at 10 o' clock we went on again. When I asked after 6 weeks what we wanted to do with this experience of 3 years, 7 people walked away in one weekend and some came back again.

In the end we remained with the four of us, my sister Jeannette, Marthe and Erik. I started to help my sister, after she ignored me for years, when I was having a hard time. When I got through a lot of layers and felt stronger I told her that I didn't want her to ignore me anymore and that I should begin to help her to get out of her closedness. We went on holiday with the four of us for 2 weeks. After that I suggested to come to live in my house. We were just able to adjust the planned rebuilding to our new wishes. Incredible how everything fitted into each other, four people remained and that would exactly become a music quartet. More people couldn't have lived in my house. And to live this intense with each other asks a lot of accompaniment, seeing through and tuning in. It became more and more clear to me that we got help from another dimension to go through all difficulties (also from the outside) with each other and also solve every problem with each other.

Like this our small community originated in 2006. We live and work together 8 years now on Contact & muziek. I was a violinist and taught myself viola da gamba (viol) and lute and I taught my housemates these instruments as well. Very special that I could pass on my knowledge and experience with music like this. The most difficult was and is to go on well with each other. I feel stronger and stronger in helping to do everything with love and to transform all pain and irritation as good as possible to positive ways to get and stay in conversation with each other.

We made music 5 years long for seniors in elderly people's homes, for children at schools and babies in kindergartens. We took a year off from November 2013 on to get round to ourselves more and more and especially to be engaged with 4 part singing. During the 8 day process to let go food I put 7 splendid affirmations about love, light and universe to music and made them 4 part after that. We sing those affirmations a capella, people are touched. I am very grateful that, after a very lonely period, my life feels so rich now and that more and more love comes into my life and in our lives.

foto van voorkant 7 affirmaties

The messages from archangel Michael help me to understand and to clarify what I'm engaged with: to help making the transition from duality to unity, from fear to love. I feel more and more that I prepared everything we go through with the four of us. I went through a deep valley 8 years long to break through my loneliness and to help people to, what I understand now, make the transition from the 3rd to the 5th dimension. The 3rd dimension is the dimension from being separated, fear, power, being lonely, attached to laws, schools, institutions, via the 4th dimension of fight, struggle, to the 5th dimension of light, love, oneness, peace, becoming conscious, wisdom, meaning, letting go of fear. Illness and pain is not going to be cured but prevented. Contact, talking, music, colours, light and love becomes the nourishment and is healing in this new world. Like this there comes a connection between heaven and earth, angels and people, life and death.

In september 2014 I recorded a CD at home with (lute) music from the renaissance, that I play on the piano. The CD is restful and pleasant to listen to. Because this music is played on a harpsichord or on the lute, so without pedal, I can sit cross-legged behind the piano. I play everything by heart with my eyes closed. I am very happy that it went so well. That has to do everything with changing to more spiritual nourisment.

We do and do not eat and feel if we have an appetite, but we eat much less. We feel better if we hardly eat. Eating makes heavy and less sensitive, we experience. We talk a lot about eating and what it did with us and what it does now, very interesting.

When we only drink fruit juice and vegetable juice (stinging nettle, dandelion, woodruff out of the garden), the singing sounds very beautiful. Especially with making music we feel and hear an enormous difference between eating and not eating. We are able to concentrate better, hear more clear, communicate more direct and tune in on each other better and easier. There is more attention for breath, feeling and emotions. I want that we phase out in a natural way, that we are all happy with it and that it doesn't become an effort.

Eating often appears to be eating away emotions. More emotions come out by eating less. You have got to be able to cope with it. It's important to have and to take time. We feel that this is only possible, because we already built up a base with each other the past 8 years. When we talk, make music, have contact and conversations with each other and with other people it feels as fulfilling and nourishing. Eating on itself doesn't appear to solve anything, while you get further with only talking. When you dare to leave the food (more and more), there comes more time for each other and you can talk about what you really want with your life. That's what we want to be engaged with. Even though it takes us a year, it does't matter.

We are not in a hurry, as long as we are on the way.

It is very fascinating to be able and to be allowed to be engaged with this. We are more in contact with each other by this. Emotions come out more directly. What was often perceptible for me, but which did not become concrete, comes outside much more now. We are getting more honest all four and need to hide less. Life with each other feels more natural, more lively and more intense.

Everybody is/becomes more oneself, closer to her/his soul. I have the feeling that by this new step in our life, I'm having more and more contact with another dimension and there comes more love in my and our lives. In the street people smile a lot more, I feel very light and make connections faster with my thoughts. By being less engaged with food, we have more time for each other and we get round to music more. I play a lot on the piano and I sometimes play on the grand piano in the hall of the service apartment from my parents, people are very happy and also say that they find it nice.

This is the newsletter we sent end of May 2014.

Dear people,

We want to let you know how we are doing, now we are making the change to live from breath and love. The 8 day process started on Saturday the 17th of May and ended on Saturday the 24th of May. It was a very inspiring week. At first we stopped eating and drinking, after it we didn't eat or drink on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. All of us totally didn't miss eating at all, very special to experience. Drinking we missed more, only actually because we had a dry mouth.

We had our own group via Google Hangout, two people from the United States of America, one person from Canada and we. Akahi, who accompanied it, was in Ecuador. Incredible how we could talk with each other.

2 times 2 hours a day there was a session with breathing, love and joy. We all started to take a new path. Akahi and his wife Camila who is to give birth to her 2nd child went before us 6 years ago with a 21 day process of 7 days not eating and drinking and 14 days of drinking water and juices. That process is shortened now until 8 days, with 3 days in it without eating and drinking. They went through it without accompaniment together with a friend. We had the privilege that we are with the four of us and that we live together and that Akahi could accompany us. Like this we were able to shift borders to be able to create a whole new life from there on.

These are the websites from Akahi and Camila

After 3 days of not eating and drinking we started to drink again and now we got independent from eating and drinking. We received a beautiful affirmation every day, a text for every day, on which Leonoor made a melody and sung the next morning for the group (for us 5 pm). Jeannette drew the musical notes of almost all affirmations with splendid colours. Leonoor made one affirmation 4-part and we sung it twice, it sounded wonderful.

The music certainly contributed to a beautiful atmosphere.

On Thursday we had a lovely session from Camila, incredible what a rest she brings in, that really makes a big impression on us. Especially the fact that two people of 28 and 33 years do this is very inspiring.

We sat and laid down a lot in the garden. We are super happy with our garden so in the middle of the city, a quiet place for ourselves! Sunday we did our shopping for the first time on our bikes. Everything feels new, the breathing, the bustle in the city feels less busy. We smell more, colours are more bright.

Because of eating and drinking is brought back to a much smaller part in our lives, there comes more space for a different (more bright) consciousness, for other senses, feeling and intuition. You have to digest food again, that costs a lot of energy. Now that is getting less and less, it feels like an enormous liberation. The four of us all feel that we are more able to be/become ourselves. We don't know yet what it's going to bring us, but we do feel our life isn't the same anymore as it was before the 8 days. Integrating this profound experience will take time.

We also do take time. Now it appears how we, with our decision to take a year rest, we made space to be allowed to go through this experience with the four of us. Most people do this process alone. To really let go food is not easy, especially when you have a partner and/or a family. This process costs time and asks patience and (learn to) go on loving with yourself and the other. I feel more and more called upon to help my housemates to go on as good as possible with each other and the new experiences. I am glad that I can get round to that.

You became independent of food, you can choose yourself whether you eat or drink, you don't need it anymore. Nice to make music in a new way, with eating on the background and very much space for developing your intuition, your feeling, being engaged with sound, colour and light, making connection with a bigger whole and experiencing Love.

Not eating makes all feelings much more clear. We already have the feeling that we rather have more than less energy.

much light and love from the four of us
Leonoor, Marthe, Jeannette, Erik

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