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We see the most butterflies in our garden on the buddleia, also called butterfly bush.
Leonoor makes photos and videos. Marthe makes videos when the butterflies sit on Leonoor's finger or hand. We have the experience that butterflies are a connection with another dimension. The text accompanying each video on YouTube is also nice to read.
photo front of the book 'Contact met de ziel' (Contact with the soul) 30 x 30 cm

English version (pdf) book Leonoor
"pages 1 up until 53 (out of 60) are translated about my consciousness process, music, contact with butterflies and our living group"

July 2015 ----------------- 3:03

orange moth
July 2015 ----------------- 4:07

red admiral

red admiral

photo, red admiral on Leonoor's hand
silver-washed fritillary

photo, silver-washed fritillary in our garden tuin on the 6th of August 2013

holly blue

photo, holly blue on Leonoor's hand
Queen of Spain fritillary

photo, Queen of Spain fritillary

peacock butterfly

photo, peacock butterfly on Leonoor's hand
small tortoiseshell

photo, small tortoiseshell

painted lady

photo, painted lady
cabbage white butterfly

photo, cabbage white butterfly

silver Y moth

foto van een gamma uil
mint moth

photo, mint moth on Leonoor's finger


photo, Comma
pretty chalk carpet

photo, pretty chalk carpet

butterflies, birds and a little frog in our garden
We are lucky that we have a garden, a little piece of nature in the city. We always enjoy the flowers, the butterflies, the bees, the humble-bees, the dragonflies, the birds and even a little frog. We like to make photos and videos of it and to share it with others. Since we meditate in the garden more and more birds come in our garden and cats stay out of the garden. The blackbird sits very nearby more often, the great tits fly over us and explore the garden, very nice without further ado in the city. We are very happy with the small piece of green next to our house. We sit on the grass, we breath, meditate and talk with each other. Leonoor sometimes sings an affirmation and we drink our fresh fruit juices.

I AM the voice of the silence,
the voice of the infinite serenity.
Loving what I think
Loving what I feel
Loving who I AM

The blackbird whistles all the year in and around our garden. The blackbirds have a nest in the ivy garden of the neighbours. The blackbird sits in the garden very often, looks for worms and comes nearby our house. The young blackbirds also sit in the garden and eat pieces of apple and also love the strawberries very much which we have in the garden.

The great tits have fledglings that you hear peep. The parents fly to and fro all day to feed them.


photo, blackbird
great tit

photo, great tit

little frog

On the 30th of May 2014, Marthe's birthday, a little frog all at once sat on her cushion. Like the fairytale about the princess and the frog. We were able to make a nice video of it.

little frog

photo, a little frog on Leonoor's hand