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Leonoor van Beuzekom
Marthe Pal
Erik de Jong

12 years! (Dutch)
Contact & muziek

Since October 2006 we live together.
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Billitonstraat 6
3531 HJ Utrecht
foto Leonoor 22 mei 2018
Leonoor (1959)

I am a musician and was a violiniste. After going through a lonely period from 8 years and a deep process of becoming conscious, I started to help people in 2003 with consciousness. I began to bring together the people I accompanied, to learn from each other and to be able to share knowledge and experiences. Like this our living group originated. [to be translated] Marthe, Erik and I live and work together since 2006. I help, we help each other to go through as much as possible, we talk and make contact with what you feel inside yourself and from the other.

My interests are: communication, meaning, openness, sharing, transforming, fulfilling wishes, nature, flowers, contact with butterflies, meditating, living on light, sustainability, what there really is (happening) between heaven and earth, why we are here are, whether death exists, or is it 'only' a transition to a new dimension, a different state of 'being'.

foto Marthe 19 mei 2018
Marthe (1975)

I did not feel in the right place at all and was unhappy at my work, with my family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances, when I was 28. From the end of my study, when I was 25, I thought that I would come further by talking with the people around me, who I knew and people around me, but after another holiday/weekend trip/outing, I decided that I really wanted to go talk with someone because it did not go well any longer.

Fortunately I met Leonoor in 2003 and am very glad that she encouraged me to talk and to express myself, while everyone around me found that I talked too much and too much about myself.

foto Erik 2017
Erik (1974)

In 2003 I was looking for someone who could help me to understand and cope with my feelings and emotions, so that I could stay myself in all sorts of situations. For my thesis of anthropology I have been in Africa (1999-2000) and I experienced a war situation very nearby. I came in a in an hospital and became very ill. With much effort I stopped drinking, smoking and wrong sexual contacts three years later. After several disappointing experiences I met Leonoor who started to help with my problems in contacts and also began to help me with my emotions.